Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Writing: The Hardest for a Beginner

I am only assuming its true. It feels like it is never going to get any easier.

I think about writing. I think about where to write. I think about what to wear when I write. Do I need to bring a jacket or sweater? Do I need to take a snack with me or can I eat at the chosen venue? What is a comfortable place to write? What are the perfect surroundings that will provide a background that is conducive for me to write? Are there a lot of people or is it basically deserted?

Oh and lets not forget, what time of day do I write? Can I be consistent writing at that time? Should I write at my desk at work on my lunch hour? Or sit in my car to write?

With all these questions swirling around in my head its a wonder I ever begin to write at all. And that is just it. Beginning to write is the hardest part. Just the thought of sitting down in front of the computer in front of a blank MS Word document is to me the most fearful action you can take(besides public speaking).

So I have to talk myself into it every time. "Okay Susie what is the worst that can happen? Are you going to die? Are you going to be injured"?

These are some of the crazy questions I have to ask myself every time I approach my writing task. 

And of course the answer is a resounding "No Silly".

Here are a couple of ideas for beginning writing:

  • This is my favorite one that I use to convince myself to get to the gym: I tell myself(after answering all the questions) I will just go and get on the bike and just sit there and ride. That s all I will do. So on beginning writing I tell myself I will sit down and write a paragraph and that is all I will do. The trick or mind game is to convince yourself you will only do that much. But in reality what happens is the momentum that you started with that little promise propels you forward into doing more.
  • Another promise I make to myself is I will just get on my computer and surf for a little bit(I always have something I want to look up, usually words and their meaning) and then I eventually get bored of it and I just start writing whatever comes to mind.
  • I also use time to get myself writing. I promise myself I will write for ten minutes and then I put it on a timer. But there again I usually want to keep going even after the 10 minutes.
  • So lets say you have been able to get started. But how can you keep it going the next day when those questions pop up again? At the end of your writing hour or day, start thinking about where you would like to start in your writing. Jot a few ideas that continue your work for today and use a post it to remind you that you have a place top start. It really helps the creative mojo to keep going into the next day.

So for me these tips work pretty well most of the time. I hope they encourage you to put aside your fears and start writing today. Do you have some tricks that help you to get started. I would love to hear from you.    Namaste Ya'll